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Policies are put into place to protect both artist and client. If you are booking and paying for any services, you agree to all policies below.

  • Payments
    Deposit is non-refundable after 24-hours of booking. Final Payment is due the Tuesday prior to your event/wedding date. A 4% late fee will be applied after 24-hours of no payment per day. Payments are only accepted via Honey-books. No cash, cash-app, Venmo, or checks accepted. No bank transfers. No individual payments or separate forms of payments. All payment must be paid via Honey books.
  • Trial run
    Trial runs are currently scheduled in salon on Sunday's. Trial runs are scheduled 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. Trial runs are 2.5-3 hour appointments for both hair and makeup or 1.5 hour appointment for each service. My books are open for trial runs end of December-March and July-September In home trial runs are scheduled based on availability and traveling Trial run pricing includes 1 makeup look and/or 1 hairstyle with light adjustments, Additional looks can be added on for an additional $75 same day or $125 different day appointment. This must be booked PRIOR to scheduling.
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling
    Your booking is a reserved spot. After signing your contract and paying your deposit, I turn away all future date inquires for booking. Your deposit is non-refundable after 24-hours of booking. The remaining balance is due the Tuesday prior to your event/wedding date. You have up to 4 months (16 weeks) to cancel or change the services on your contract until it is finalized. Your contract is final (after) 4 months prior to your date. This date is listed on your contract. Rescheduling your wedding date or event date is at the artist discretion to accept the new date. You are breaking your contract and agreement by moving your date. Your new contract will be at artists current rates and will require an additional deposit. If B.Wild Makeup can not service your date due to unforeseen circumstances, a new artist will be assigned for your date. If I can not find a new artist for replacement, all payments minus your deposit will be returned within 31-days of cancellation.
  • Changes in Services booked
    If you need to remove (take away) services on your contract, you have until 16-weeks prior to your wedding/event date to remove services. Your contract is final after 4 months (16-weeks) prior to your wedding date. This date is listed in your contract. Adding on services the day of your wedding is at the artist discretion and avaibility, we can not guarantee additional services add on for day of event. If it is not listed on your contract, invoice or timeline: it is consider an "add on" service. Add on services will be charged at current rate and must be paid for prior to receiving the service. You are welcome to add on services up to 14 days prior to your event at contracted rate, if time allows for it. An additional artist will not be added to a wedding to accommodate these services. If the service(s) are not on the contract or timeline, I can not guarantee any additional services to be added. I also can not be held responsible to find an additional artist last minute to accommodate added services not originally agreed upon.
  • Time duration
    Timing is listed under each service on invest page. Time duration is also outlined and listed on your contract. The correct duration must be provided to each artist to complete quality services. If your venue has restrictions on accessing the bridal suite, this must be considered and discussed prior to booking. we are not responsible for a time shortage or late bride/bridal party member. If you have a large bridal party and a short time duration: pricing will increase $25 per service or 20% gratuity will be added to your contract to make up the difference to bring in multiple artists. Each artist must have 15-30 minutes to UNLOAD + SET UP as well as 15-30 minutes to CLEAN UP + LOAD OUT Current time outlined: Brides: Hair: 1-2 hours Makeup: 1.5-2 hours All-inclusive package: up to 8 hours Luxury package: up to 6 hours Classic Package: up to 4 hours Bridal party: Bridal party hair 45 mins Bridal party makeup 45-1hour flower girl 15-20 mins
  • Limitation of Liability
    It is understood and agreed upon that B.wild Makeup (Brandie Brancheau) and all artsits under the B.Wild makeup umbrella will not be held responsible to client or any associated agents of the customer for any mistakes or error in judgement or for any act of omission done in good faith and believed to be within the scope of authority conferred or implied by this agreement. Client agrees not to hold B. Wild (Brandie Brancheau) or any artist under the B.Wild Umbrella liable for property damages or wedding day complications that could result in monetary loss.
  • Non-Defamation
    Client, all parties obtaining services, and any agent acting in place of client agree they will not directly or indirectly. make or ratify any defamation comment, review or remarks as defined by law, in writing, orally or electronically about B.Wild LLC (Brandie Brancheau) or any other artist working under the B.Wild LLC umbrella and their respective products and services. By receiving services, you agree to this contracts stipulations whether or not this contract is sign by outside parties or personal agents. Client agrees that all physical and verbal abuse is unacceptable by any person at event and shall be grounds for B.Wild LLC and any artist working under B.Wild LLC to cease services immediately with no refund. There is no refund for services already performed and a dissatisfied client. Client must notified artist immediately for resolution.

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